Ambassador Program

How It Works?

Become Fioboc Club Members

  • Create a video or pictures after receiving Fioboc products.
  • 20 seconds video or pictures to showcase Fioboc on Instagram.
    90 seconds video to showcase Fioboc on Youtube.
    15 seconds video to showcase Fioboc on Tiktok.
  • The video of styling, unboxing, honest review, try-on haul, and other creative ways you want
  • Share product review contents and brand messages by using tags / hashtags.
  • Tags: @FIOBOC   Hashtag: #fiobocsustainable、#fioboc、#bamboofiber  Post the content after Fioboc approved it.
  • Grant Fioboc the right to share your content on the official shop, social medias for marketing and promotional usage.

Redeem Your Money

  • The tracking time for the above views and likes is: 7 days tracking duration on Instagram, 7 days tracking duration on Tiktok, and 14 days tracking duration on YouTube.
  • Beside, randomly choose a member at each channel to receive the "Weekly Lucky Award" worth $59. A total of 3 players will win the Award each week.
  • Offer Fioboc the statistics of your post, then Fioboc will figure the rewards in no more than 10 days.
  • The event is valid from 1st June to 31th July.