Best Style Tips for Short Guys

Great style will always start with the perfect fit. Regardless of your height or body type, you must find what feels right if you want to stand out. This is especially the case if you're short and stocky. Short kings face particular challenges when it comes to looking stylish. Pants may be too long, or dress shirts may look bigger due to the excess fabric. However, you're in luck. You don't have to settle for oversized clothes! Here are some style tips to help you look great and maximize your perceived height.

Color will Streamline Your Silhouette

When it comes to color, you need to keep it simple. The right colors will help keep your proportions right, which is essential when dressing for your height. Monochromatic color schemes and solid colors will allow your outfit to flow. We're not saying you should avoid certain colors because of your height. No colors will make you look short.

Color choices have more to do with skin tone. You must know what colors to place on your body since color draws focus. As such, you'll want to draw eyes to the part of your body that will make you look taller — like your legs! Colors will help you accentuate parts of your body that you're proud of. Just be sure to use them strategically.

Shop Smarter

To look well-dressed and stylish like a short man, you need to buy clothes that are actually made for your stature. An unfortunate fact you must grapple with as a short man is that most of the clothes you'll find are made only to consider the average man's dimensions—5'10" and 190 lbs. Being shorter than average means you'll have quite a hard time finding anything that fits and complements your body.

The answer? Try our vast collection. We have a full range of stylish, high-quality wardrobe essential staples for men. Everything from jeans, chinos and shorts to hoodies, sweaters, jackets and T-shirts is available. Our clothes are truly customized to fit every man's body regardless of height.

Avoid Baggy Clothing

The 90's style of baggy and overused clothing is making a comeback, but that doesn't mean you should go for it. Although baggy clothes are cool, they can widen and shorten your look. Of course, style bottles down to your personality, but we recommend avoiding any relaxed-fitting garments. Optimizing your appearance is much better.

To look taller, go for clothes that are tapered and slim. These will give you a more natural upside-down triangle shape. Your silhouette should be broadest at the shoulders and narrow as you go down.

Choose Patterns Wisely

Patterns are tricky for short men. You need to steer clear of the ones that make you look shorter. All horizontal patterns, such as large plaids or sailor stripes, will make you look wider, stumpier, and shorter. Only go for vertical stripes and subtle small-scale patterns, such as pin dots and ginghams. These will have the opposite effect and make you appear taller. They will also add depth and pazas to your outfit.

Pick the Right Accessories

Being stylish doesn't end with your clothes; it also trickles down to your accessories. Accessories play a grand role in how you look in your clothes. For instance, when you wear a watch that's too large or a huge bracelet, your wrists look smaller in comparison. Overly large accessories can occupy your whole look and make you look shorter. You should pick simple and modest accessories that complement the size of your stature. And it doesn't stop at watches or bracelets; belt buckles and huge chains should also be moderate in size.

Towering giants aren't the only ones who should be stylish. You deserve a style that speaks to the masses, regardless of height. As we conclude, remember that simplicity is the key to pulling off any look. You can find said simplicity in Fioboc's garments. They are premium and sophisticated, showcasing male elegance and comfort. Confidence is the key to looking your best as a short king. Pair it with everything we've mentioned, and you'll be okay.

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Best Style Tips for Short Guys

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