Spring Color Guide for Men:
Stay Crisp and Attractive

Spring dressing inspiration is about embracing colors and refreshing styles. As the seasons change it's time to update your wardrobe to match the spirit of spring. This guide will help you explore a range of colors that suit skin tones, recommending pieces and trendy favorites to keep you looking chic and stylish throughout the season.

Colors for Different Skin Tones

Knowing which colors work well with your skin tone is important for creating an appearance. Let's start from shades that enhance undertones.

Cool Undertones:

If your skin tone leans towards cool tones consider choosing colors like gray, brown, blue, green and purple. These hues complement your complexion well. Can elevate your look effortlessly.

Warm Undertones:

Opt for soft hues if your skin undertones have a cast. Consider yellows, cozy oranges and natural shades that enhance your skin tone.

Neutral Undertones:

If you're fortunate to have undertones embrace vibrant colors. Try out shades, like emerald green, cobalt blue and ruby red to stand out elegantly.

General Guy's Wardrobe

Let's talk about the colors that every guy should have in his closet, including some variations that bring out the spring vibes.


White is an eternal classic. When we welcome spring, taking off heavy clothes and choosing white clothes can make us look lighter and more casual.


Blue, a timeless favorite, comes in a variety of shades, from navy, to light sky blue. This versatile color complements all skin tones. Can easily be combined with colors for a sophisticated appearance.


Brown, with its luxurious tones emanates a sense of coziness and elegance. Whether its a chocolate jacket or a pair of classic tan pants infusing this hue into your outfit brings a layer of complexity to your overall look.


Grey, with its contemporary appeal provides an option different from black. Whether it's a charcoal suit or a light grey sweater, this versatile shade pairs with both casual outfits.

Staples and Seasonal Picks

Building on the foundation of staple colors, let's explore seasonal favorites that capture the essence of spring.

Polo Shirts

Choose polo shirts, in soft pastel shades such as slate blue, white and pale pink. These gentle colors work well for layering under a jacket or wearing alone for a classy appearance.

StaySmooth Collection

Enhance your closet with clothing items, from the StaySmooth line including shirts and pants, in whites, tuscany and slate blues etc. Go to check our 2024 new colors! These adaptable pieces effortlessly go from workdays to weekend activities.

StayCool Collection

Stay comfortable during weather, with the StayCool line featuring PBS™ fabric in relaxing shades like ivory, oatmeal and hunter-green. Whether you're relaxing by the shore or taking a walk, in town these clothes help you stay fashionable and comfortable.

Neutral tones are essential for a wardrobe. Don't be afraid to add some vibrant colors to showcase your unique style. This season embraces a variety of hues that match your personality and enhance your allure. Whether you prefer timeless favorites or current trends let your clothing mirror the liveliness of spring. Ensuring you maintain a self assured and unquestionably appealing presence.

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Spring Color Guide for Men: Stay Crisp and Attractive

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