Effortless Summer Style Guide: Men's Essentials

Summer is officially with us, and with it comes lots of sunshine, ice-cold drinks, and the occasional dips in the pool. It also means that looking stylish gets harder as the temperatures get warmer. Thousands of men often wonder: “How will I dress appropriately and not be drenched in a pool of sweat the whole day?” It's easy to look stylish during fall and winter, but how will you pull off a t-shirt and shorts for work in 90°F weather? Today, we'll get into men's summer style essentials and how to look confident while being comfortable. You'll learn more about the ideal colors and fabrics for summer, how to look stylish in hot, humid weather, and the perfect summer outfits, all while being sweat-free and cool as possible.

Best Colors For Summer Clothing

Colors and hues choices greatly influence your style and the perception of those around you. During summer, various color combinations can make or break your outfit.

Going for lighter colors during summer is a great way to create stylish fits effortlessly. Additionally, they reflect more light, meaning your clothes absorb less heat, making you feel much cooler throughout your day.

You generally want to go with shades of slate blue, tuscany, khaki, mint green, or white — basically, colors that go well together. These colors are usually associated with warm weather and form the basic concept of "summer colors".

So, ditch the color wheel this summer and let your creativity bloom. You'll be surprised how certain colors paired with the right accessories, of course, artistically blend during summer.

Lightweight Fabrics for Maximum Comfort

Soft, breathable, and sweat-wicking fabrics should be your go-to in the summer heat. These will be your light cotton, bamboo, lightweight wool, and linen clothing. This is especially the case if you don't want to look like a sweating mess in the hot sun.

Here is a fabric that is great for summer comes from our StayCool Collection. The shirts from this collection are made from the signature fabric, PBS™ fabric. Experience comfort and confidence like never before with our innovative fabric technology. It not only absorbs sweat and remains soft to the touch but also retains its shape over time, ensuring durability and long-lasting comfort. Plus, our fabric is antibacterial and odorless, eliminating any worries about unwanted smells. Say goodbye to embarrassment and embrace socializing in close quarters with boldness, as you unleash your unique personal charm effortlessly!

Are you a picky color person? There are over 22 colors for you to choose from, with various sizes ranging from S to 4XL. It's genuinely customized to fit every man's body. Pairing a stretchy shorts you'll always look stylish and functional during the summer.

Stylish Clothing Choices

Winning in summer will start with the simplest tasks, like assembling a stylish and comfortable wardrobe.

For starters, polos are a timeless summer classic. They're super versatile, and almost anyone can pull it off. They fit virtually anywhere from the office to the pool party.

Shorts are a great addition to your summer clothing choice. They provide excellent movement and breathability. Finding the right pair, however, can prove to be a challenge. You'll want a great fitting option that compliments your build. As for fabric and color, that will depend on your preference.

Short-sleeve button-downs, or SSBDs, have quickly become a proper summer essential. These shirts are a worthy contender for your summer wardrobe and are available in various block and floral prints and colors.

Your choice of clothing says a lot about you, and nothing communicates your personality more than a graphic tee. These offer a more laid-back feel and can be part of your casual rotation to wear with shorts, sneakers, chino, and even blazers. All of these in a lightweight fabric!

Try to break free from the mundane this summer and experiment with your style. You don't have to switch it up drastically. As long as it aligns with your individual needs, you're good to go. Breathability, comfort, and fit should be the cornerstones of your style to combat the heat, The StayCool Collection all of these qualities. Gear up with us this sunny season and transform how you dress and feel.

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Effortless Summer Style Guide: Men's Essentials

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