How To Look Your Best As a Tall King

Like any body type, the goal of dressing for a tall man is to look proportional and elegant. And as a tall man, the foundation to looking your best will start with finding garments that fit your body type. Dressing well isn't meant to camouflage or hide your height. The idea is to choose pieces that fit you well and flatter your height. But this isn't always the case. You see, mainstream clothes are mainly made with the average man's height, leaving you at the mercy of the "style gods." That, however, changes today. Below, we'll help you simplify the process and offer practical tips to improve your style and confidence as a gentle giant.

Layers Are Your Best Friend

Using layers to add dimensions to your outfits is a great idea. This is especially the case if you're slender to average built and taller than usual. If the weather allows it, layering your outfit will not only help you earn more style points, but it will also add mass and subtract height, creating an illusion of proportion.

While layering, feel free to get creative with textures. A denim jacket, wool overcoat and a corduroy shirt are some great examples to consider. Get inventive and mix it up as an expression of your personality. Remember, layering doesn't necessarily mean putting on billowy clothes. Always go with layers of slim-fitting clothing.

Stay Away From Tight-Fitting Jeans

Fashion trends may dictate you wear skinny pants, but as a tall guy, you need to stay away from excessively tight pants or jeans. They'll only emphasize your height more and make you look skinnier. Instead, it would be best if you opted for fitted or straight pants, which will give you additional room to move. You'll also look bulkier. Tall, slender guy pants should be slim-fitting and not baggy. They should never ride up when you stride or show your ankles.

Buy Brands That Cater To Your Needs

Clothes shopping is not easy for a towering human. Tall men often find themselves wearing clothes that don't fit well. But you can take out some of the guesswork by shopping with brands that know and understand your struggle. You should find labels that make clothing for your size. You'll have a much easier time finding well-fitting outfits with them.

Find a Good Tailor

Fit is everything when it comes to menswear. All the designer labels and luxurious fabric amount to nothing if the garments are the wrong size. It pays to know a tailor — and a good one if you ever find yourself in such a situation. A great tailor also comes in handy when you buy clothes such as dress trousers with some extra room in the hem or leg, and you want it adjusted accordingly. They will always guarantee that your clothes fit like a glove, leaving you feeling confident, without you having to shell out the big bucks.

Hopefully, this guide will help you get some idea of how to get great results when getting clothes for your vertical stature so you can feel and look confident. Investing in your wardrobe will always be a worthwhile endeavor. Ensure you choose to measure clothes, too, and you'll have the added advantage of having your clothes fit you and look great. We use style as a tool of expression, and we are here to help bring your look together while showing your personality.

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