The fashion and textile industry is considered one of the top polluters, and one of the heaviest natural resources consumers in the world. Which is why we’ve committed to finding and sourcing the most sustainable fibers and materials available.

To find an eco-friendly and comfortable fabric, we visited large amounts of clothing industries and brands in the world, including the United States, Italy, France, China, Japan, and South Korea.

Our Fabrics

We're committed to developing the most performance fabrics that push the boundaries of performance, and sustainability.

  • Style: Tops
  • Materials: 34%bamboo fiber, 34%long-staple cotton, 32%Sorona fiber
  • Weight: 190gsm
  • Structure: Knit
  • Stretch: 4-Way
  • Features: Stain resistant, Moisture wicking
  • Style: Tops&Bottoms
  • Materials: 68% TENCEL™ modal,28% Nylon,4% Spandex
  • Weight: 350gsm
  • Structure: Knit
  • Stretch: 4-Way
  • Features: Stain resistant, Durable, Moisture wicking
  • Style: Tops
  • Materials: 41% polyester, 30% graphene and 29% cotton
  • Weight: 290gsm
  • Structure: Knitted fleece
  • Features: Stain resistant, Moisture wicking, temperature regulating

Our Factory

We create the highest-quality materials with the best mills and manufacturers to build products.

Fioboc aim to create stylish and sustainable Clothing that is eco-friendly and responsible.our factory is clipped to our mission for sure.

Our factory works on reducing the impact on the environment as much as possible.We mainly rely on machines to manufacture the products.

We believe that our factory is in a great place to take care of our products and workers because the factory is striving to improve the working conditions and benefits for their employees to ensure their mental and physical health and safety.