new about fioboc

Welcome to FIOBOC, where quality, fit, and function converge to create clothing that enhances your everyday life. We were frustrated with having to settle for clothing that looked good but didn't fit well, or clothing that was highly functional but overpriced. We knew there had to be a better solution, and so FIOBOC was born.

Our Rules

Comfort Over Everything

Looking good helps you feel good. However, if you're wearing clothes that aren't comfortable, those feelings disappear in an instant. That's why all our clothing is designed with comfort in mind.

Made To Last

We focus on designing long-lasting, timeless clothing that will get its wear year after year. Wave goodbye to those shoddy, throwaway tees that are one-wash wonders.

Priced Based On Quality, Not Logo

At Fioboc, we cut out all of the unnecessary branding, retailers, to focus 100% on quality fabrics, workmanship, comfort, and versatile styles. We are exactly what premium and affordable menswear looks like.