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Feature Brand Story

In 2019, Fioboc was created.

The sustainable t-shirt that had enough quality to be worn professionally at work yet also enough style for a night out.


We’re constantly looking at innovative ways to make apparel with the smallest possible footprint and create more circular supply chains. Fioboc insists on ethical sourcing and makes sure to work with only trusted, certified factory partners with the same sustainable values and objectives as they do.

Product Story


100% of Fioboc's products are made from regenerated materials. Our T-shirt is composed of 34% bamboo fiber, 34% long-staple cotton, and 32% Sorona fiber. A Fioboc T-shirt produces on average 63% fewer carbon emissions to make than the other tees in your closet.


Fioboc makes fashion less complicated. Our design philosophy is to create only meaningful essentials: Only the garments we need, and their stories uncovered and told - restoring the value and appreciation of clothing.


Super Micro-Ice Particles are added to our fiber to keep you cool and comfortable. A test proves that on the hot outside, wearing a Fioboc T-shirt will instantly reduce the body surface temperature.


The fabric adopts nanotechnology, anti-oil adhesion, penetration, milk, cola, coffee, tomato sauce and etc. Even if there is the above liquid spilled on the surface of the garment. It will also quickly slide off and will not leave any trace on the surface of the garment.


Inspired by the characteristics of luminous deep-sea organisms and the principle of their color-changing with light, we have applied these technologies to our apparel. The logo gets hit by light and glows in the dark. The logo glows more dramatically when illuminated by a flashlight.


The logo is interpreted by the initial F of the brand name, and the color is composed of red and dark blue. Dark blue represents nature and health, while red represents vitality and strength. Fioboc will continue to learn, explore and innovate.

Five-Star Customer Service

Our commitment to serving the environment is just as important to us as our commitment to serving our customers.

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Create a video or pictures after receiving Fioboc products. The video content can be styling, unboxing, honest reviews, trying on slippers, and any other creative way you want. Share product review content and brand message by using tags / hashtags. Offer Fioboc the statistics of your post, then Fioboc will figure the rewards in no more than 10 days.

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