What Is the Future of Vegan Fashion?

A rising number of people are embracing veganism as a lifestyle choice. 

You need simply search the term "vegan" for Google trends to show you that there has been a consistent rise in internet searches over the past five years.

When searching for "vegan fashion," you will find that the same consistent patterns coincide with the trend in "vegan," making it easy to notice the consistent development in popularity of a culture built on plant-based products.

vegan fashion on plant-based products

Veganuary Breaking Records

It should come as no surprise, then, that passionate vegans came up with the concept of "Veganuary" as a campaign in an effort to increase awareness of veganism all around the world.

Participants in Veganuary are challenged, much like those who participate in Movember, to sustain an action for the entirety of the month.

In contrast to Movember, which encourages men to grow and keep mustaches for the sake of men's health, Veganuary encourages people to give up all animal products and follow a vegan diet for the whole month of January in order to help save the lives of animals.

Vegan growth

In 2018, Vegnuary was so successful that it totally destroyed all of its prior records.

According to the surveys, there were 70,000 omnivores who participated, and the entire event had 168,500 total attendees, which is a significant increase from the 59,500 total participants in 2015. 

Since then, the number of vegans in the United Kingdom has doubled in just a couple of years, increasing to over 600,000 people. This has resulted in a booming market for businesses, particularly within the fashion sector.

Veganism in fashion

Veganism in clothing fashion

The question now is, what does this imply for the world of fashion? There will be more brands competing for consumers' business if the market continues to expand. 

Since 2015, an increasing number of fashion businesses have shifted their attention to the rapidly expanding vegan fashion sector.

The demand is being met by a supply that ranges from high fashion to fast fashion and smaller, more specialized brands working in particular fields, such as hair accessories or handbag and accessory design, as exemplified by Labante London.

Trend of Veganism

sustainable fashion trend in clothing

According to a number of different publications, one of the most prominent fashion trends for 2018/19 will be vegan-friendly clothing.

To be more specific, the development of vegan silk and leather, in addition to other materials, marks the beginning of an age that is congruent with a generation that has a unique perspective on the planet and is interested in discovering the most effective ways to care for and cherish it.

On the other hand, vegan materials present a unique challenge.

Eco-friendly vs. vegan materials

Even while you might believe vegan materials are wonderful, you should be aware that they aren't always friendly.

Even if the production of these materials may not have an immediate effect on the well-being of animals, the manner in which they are made has a negative influence on both the natural environment and the habitats of the same creatures that veganism seeks to protect.

Just the creation of polyester, which is based on petroleum, has negative effects on the environment that are on par with those of utilizing items derived from animals. 

The creation of vegan leather might frequently require a greater quantity of liters of water than the production of regular leather. – raising the question, "How can we make materials that are not only free from animal testing and cruelty but how can they also be favorable to the environment?"

Eco-friendly materials

Beyond the realm of vegan design, eco-friendly fashion must put an emphasis on combining different methods.

This must include only using materials and beauty products that are derived from plants (rather than animals) while also maintaining the environment and ensuring that there is no impact on global warming, deforestation, or pollution caused by the use of water.

This combination is absolutely necessary in order to improve the production of vegan materials.

The use of environmentally friendly products is on the rise as well, which is positive news not just for the business but also for the globe and the creatures who live in it. 

Having said that, this method of production is considered a luxury for larger firms because of the cost involved.

The outlook for vegan fashion is bright, provided that it does not harm the environment. Additional efforts are required to help the sector as well as the brands in their quest to source and manufacture materials.

best sustainble clothing brand

The company Fioboc was established with the objective of using science and technology to create clothing that is both sustainable and kind to the environment.

They are determined to make a favorable influence on the general public, and as a result, they are successful in developing a line of luxury clothing that had technological fabric, premium quality, and affordable costs.



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