Fioboc Review for Men (Stain Proof Waterproof T-Shirt Worth Your Money?)

In 2019, Marcel and Ambrosino found struggling to find the perfect t-shirt that could be worn in a variety of places. From trails and parks to gyms and offices, they traveled around the world in search of what was missing: functional, flexible, and fashionable clothing that can be worn all day every day. The company’s ethos is based around providing you a better choice for sustainable and stylish clothing.


In this comprehensive Fioboc review I share my experience with the brand over the years and provide my thoughts on a popular t shirt from their core collection. Then I’ll answer several frequently asked questions. And finally, I’ll go over sales/discounts, and wrap up with the pros & cons.

Let’s get started.

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Fioboc Review & Try-On Haul

If you prefer to watch, there’s a video below. And here are more review/try-ons that you might like.


To be honest with you, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first tried on Fioboc. These shirts are not only incredibly soft, but they are also cooling. What do I mean? The first time I tried it on, I literally said, “Wow.” True story. So, save some big bucks with our exclusive fioboc promo code.

 FIOBOC | STAIN RESISTANT SHIRT 2022 | Lotus Leaf Film Technology

What is Fioboc Stain Proof Waterproof t shirt?

Fioboc based on the bionic principle "lotus effect", nano-raw materials are incorporated into the fabric fiber through Nano-interface super double dredging technology, thus formulating a layer of silica particles on the weave surface to form an isolation layer to simulate the microscopic nano-scale bulge of the lotus leaf surface.


What is Lotus Leaf Biomimetic Technology

When common liquid molecules come into contact with clothing, like water beads on lotus leaves, they naturally slip off in a 165 °direction with the cloth.


What is the Fabric?

Blended with bamboo fiber, long-staple cotton fiber, Sorona fiber. There are considerable amounts of voids among the natural fiber structure makes it superior in terms of hygroscopic properties.

While Polyester fiber's high crystalline molecular chain structure makes it poor in moisture-absorbing properties and moisture permeability, this precisely makes it has a rather excellent fast drying ability.


Stain Proof Waterproof T-Shirt Details

t shirt

  • Fit: Versatile Utilities
  • Sizes: M-XXXL
  • Material: Bamboo fiber, Long-staple cotton fiber, Sorona fiber.
  • Features: Moisture Wicking and Luminous
  • Care Instructions:

Wash cold; Wash separately from other colors.

Dry flat in a cool and dry place.

Ironing at a medium temperature.

Avoid using a barrel washing machine.

Never use chlorine bleach.


Sales & Discounts

Fioboc doesn’t offer sales and discounts too often like you will find from many big box retailers and so when they do it’s usually a treat—anywhere from 15%-40% off, typically around the holidays or for seasonal sales. They currently do not have an active sales page.


Pros & Cons


STAIN PROOF water,Coffee, Coke, Red wine, and etc.

More transparent than most brands, remaining true to their roots

Breathable, Moisture-wicking, offers high-quality, sustainably made clothing

Luminous Logo Excellent Craftsmanship and Versatile Utilities



Could offer more colors to accommodate guys

Currently does not have many brick and mortar locations



I literally said WOW when I first tried on this t-shirt. That's how cool it felt. Save even more with our exclusive promo code: blog20.


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