How to Find a Satisfied & Attractive T-shirt?

When talking about the most commonly worn items in the summer, T-shirts must have their name. It's usually seen in almost everyone's closet that no less than 20 different styles of the tee are there. A comfortable tee is an essential all-rounder for summer, serving as a single item, layer, or collocating with a variety of items. A simple TEE will encounter the neckline Loose, washed deformation, color aging discoloration, and so on, making it difficult to survive a whole summer.

how to choose men;s t-shirt

A simple T-shirt equips you with a different temperament and fashion attributes. But how to choose a high-quality T-shirt that suits you? FIOBOC gives you the best solution from 5 dimensions.

NO.1 About the Material

Many people hold the view that fabric with 100% cotton will be more comfortable. And many corporations advertise "no deformation, no-wrinkle". Never believe it, because cotton has a very strong hydrophilic and poor water conductivity. Resulting in 110% cotton being very easy to wrinkle, deformation and the formation of moisture absorption is not easy to dry characteristics, sweat in the clothes stays too long resulting in odor, bacteria, discoloration, and a series of problems. FIOBOC's TEE uses high-quality natural long-staple cotton and more advanced natural bamboo fiber as the main material to ensure that the material is moisture-absorbent, breathable, anti-bacterial, odor-free, and soft to the touch. And add DuPont's environmental protection SORONA corn cellulose fiber for a reasonable proportion of the blend, in the above high-quality characteristics of the premise of the international best quality fabric plasticity elasticity and fiber moisture-conducting function. Under the premise of these high-end functions. And increase the implantation of technological material elements, adding continuous ice sensory particles and nano-waterproof factor material. The formation of two unique characters and high-quality TEE material. Continuous ice material can make your body feel cooler to maintain the body's continuous comfort. Waterproof factor material clothing allows your TEE to maintain moisture absorption and breathable and comfortable and slippery premises for water, oil, and other beverages and other liquid protection, even if there is the above liquid spilled on the surface of the clothing. Will also quickly slide off without leaving any marks on the surface of the garment. This greatly increases the wearing scenario and the service life of the garment. The above two groups of high-quality fabrics are equipped with moisture absorption, breathability, anti-bacteria, odor, and soft hand feel; sweat will not stick to the body, to avoid embarrassment.

NO.2 About the Weight

The thickness/thinness of the T-shirt is determined by the grammage of the fabric. The greater the grammage index, the thicker the fabric. Summer TEE fabric grammage range is 160g-220g. the count is the thickness of the fabric yarn. The larger the count index is, the finer the yarn is, The greater the count indicator, the finer the yarn, and the softer and better the feeling. Generally, the count of summer TEE fabric is from 18 to 120 counts, FIOBOC chooses the most reasonable and comfortable 50 counts yarn, which not only ensures the softness and comfort of the fabric but also ensures the softness and comfort of the fabric. FIOBOC chooses the most reasonable and comfortable 50-count yarn, which not only ensures the softness and comfort of the fabric but also has high toughness and fastness of the fabric. Of course, the weight and count are only a reference for the T-shirt, the most important thing is to personally Experience the feeling of the upper body and touch the feel.

NO.3 About the Shape

A simple T-shirt, One wants to wear something different, the shape is very important. When selecting a T-shirt, be sure to pay attention to the arms, shoulders, and waist circumference to fit. Also, their own choice is based on their own body and usual dressing habits and style. The general choice of the T-shirt should pay attention to the upper body length ratio, generally recommended length in the middle of the hips against the upper bit The most appropriate length in the middle of the hips, so that the body can have an extended vision upward, appearing more spiritually competent. If the T-shirt is long, you can tie the top into the pants to highlight the waistline, but alsoFIOBOC's pattern visited more than 140 cities in all 50 states in the United States. A large number of body data resources were collected. After analyzing and organizing the brand pattern database, we got the complete brand pattern data suitable for American men. And through the industry cutting master three-dimensional cutting, we got The current FIOBOC-T-shirt has a standard comfortable fit with high applicability. It is convenient for you to combine and match with various combinations.

NO.4 About the Collar Type

T-shirts generally use a round neck and V-neck design. The round neck looks lively and cheerful, and the V-neck is more mature and visually slim. FIOBOC adopts the two most popular collar types, suitable for all people to wear.

NO.5 About the Process

The worst problem with summer T-shirts is that the collar starts to deform, and the hem and shoulders become saggy after a few wears. The position of the stitching begins to appear off-line. FIOBOC has made a deep process design for the common process problems of T-shirts. The neckline is made of high elastic ribbed The collar is made of high stretch ribbed material, and the three stitches are used to make it more solid. It eliminates the problem of collar deformation. The shoulder adopts the process of a double-needle chain car. Both are beautiful and solve the shoulder stretch. Large deformation of the problem. The hem also uses three needles and five threads and a knotting process in all parts of the combination of threads. Ensure that the FIOBOC in the process of wearing Never appears threads out of the phenomenon. The whole body of the stitching increased the density of the stitching. It reaches 14 stitches per inch. Greatly increase the solidity of the garment. In a general pulling situation, broken threads will not appear. 

NO.6 About the Design

The design of FIOBOC's T-shirt adds elements of the brand's tone to the local details. The design of the decorative details adds technological elements. Deep-sea luminescence from the sea Inspired by the creatures of the deep sea, the luminous material is used to make the decorative parts of the garment glow in the night, which is mysterious, deep, and interesting. The luminous material is inspired by the sea. 

NO.7 About Matching  

FIOBOC's T-shirt is so good in all kinds of aspects that everything is ready but the style. Style is a very abstract topic, FIOBOC's T-shirt style is his inclusive and Matching type. No matter what pants can be held with. More suitable for matching and multi-scene wear. Whether you are in the office, leisure, entertainment or sports. or rich This simple FIOBOC T-shirt can meet all your inner demands. 

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