Fioboc Men's Anti-Oil Stain Proof Waterproof T-Shirt

When you think of an ideal t-shirt, you imagine a comfortable t-shirt that fits your form and can withstand a beating. Well, your ideal t-shirt is a reality now at Fioboc.

At Fioboc, we have created ideal t-shirts for men that are comfortable, durable, and stylish.


    You cannot afford to wear an uncomfortable t-shirt that makes you itch and there is no doubt about it. Regardless of the season, you prefer a t-shirt that is snug around you and offers you comfort. You don’t need a t-shirt that you are constantly pulling.

    Instead, you need a t-shirt with a smooth and comfortable fabric. Our Men's Anti-Oil Stain Proof Waterproof T-Shirts are designed with a unique Fioboc fabric. It is made up of 34 percent long-staple cotton, 32 percent sorona, and 34 percent bamboo fiber. Through the combination of three different types of fibers into one fabric, we have maximized their strong points and have addressed their weaknesses.

    Therefore, we have created a fabric with vibrant color and a good drape that is highly affinitive to the skin. Other than being comfortable for your skin, the fabric is anti-ultraviolet, moisture-wicking, and even retains anti-bacterial deodorant. Thus, it can be said that it is a complete package in itself. Our t-shirt is like a tank, protecting you from ultraviolet rays, sweat, and even moisture.

    It means you can wear the t-shirt anytime and anywhere without worrying about it being stained or damp.

    Technology and Material


    The prime highlight of our Men's Anti-Oil Stain Proof Waterproof T-Shirts is their sustainable and efficient material. Bamboo fiber, sorona, and low-staple combine to provide it with a number of qualities such as its flexibility, eco-friendly nature, skin-friendly, a soft-cotton feeling, no pilling, moisture-wicking, and even continuous cooling.

    It is important to note that bamboo fiber is recognized as a breathable fiber with impeccable breathability, high dying capacity, durability, and hydrophobicity. It has been identified that bamboo tends to contain “Bamboo Kun,” a unique bacteriostasis and anti-bacterial agent.

    Meanwhile, when it comes to long-stable cotton, it is also recognized as sea-island cotton. Actually, this type of cotton is considered the finest cotton in the world. Shirts made of long-staple cotton feel incredibly soft and offer exceptional sweat-absorbing quality and breathability. Due to its high dying capacity and its glossy appearance, shirts always appear shiny and colorful. It means that despite a large number of washes, the shirts retain their color and look as new as they were when you first bought them.

    Sorona is a sustainable and eco-efficient performance fiber, created by Dupont. It is important to note that it comforts the wearer with incredible elasticity, smoothness, and softness. As compared to artificial fibers, Sorona is not only eco-friendly and sustainable but it is also quite comfortable. It ensures that your shirt does not lose its elasticity over time. Therefore, no matter how many times you wash your t-shirt, it will always remain the same in terms of its quality and elasticity.

    You will be surprised to know that inspired by the abilities and characteristics of deep-sea organisms and their color-changing principle, we have applied similar technologies to our Men's Anti-Oil Stain Proof Waterproof T-Shirts. It means that the logo of Fioboc can change its colors under light, which tends to make all of our t-shirts stylish, playful, and decorative.

    Through surveys and consistent experimentation and testing, we have finally developed t-shirts that are most comfortable for people with all types of figures. Our t-shirt will suit your form no matter what type of physique you possess. After all, it is designed to not only look good on you but also offer maximum comfort in all weather conditions. Every Fioboc t-shirt undergoes a series of tests that analyze and test every aspect. Only when all of the predetermined standards have been met do we provide you with our durable t-shirts.


    Our Men's Anti-Oil Stain Proof Waterproof T-Shirts possess four-threat lockstitch with approximately 15 pins per inch, twin-needed stitch locking on shoulders, triple-stitches with reinforced five threads, a triple-stitched collar, and elastic-rib necklines.

    When it comes to the elastic rib itself, clothes of different luxury and high-class brands are seamed with only single-line stitches. In contrast with it, Fioboc’s t-shirts a seamed using double-line stitches which makes them excellent in terms of deformation and firmness. Our t-shirts possess a cover stitched seam that is actually decorated and styled with a two-thread lockstitch. It prevents the t-shirt from any type of distortion.

    As far as the line pressing is concerned, they are often sewed with either four-thread or double-thread stitches in different brands. On the other hand, when you purchase t-shirts from Fioboc, they are reinforced with five-thread triple stitches that are reinforced with a 0.6m spacing. Therefore, our t-shirts are made durable and firm, and perfect for any type of weather.

    It means that no matter how many times you wear our t-shirts or wash them, their durability and elasticity remain the same. Moreover, their designs help them in maintaining their tight and sturdy shape. Our t-shirts are not only elastic but also resilient. You can wear them consistently under any weather and they will ensure your optimal comfort while remaining their elasticity, their aesthetics, and their durability.

    Our t-shirts are styled to suit a number of purposes. For instance, if you are a person who prefers t-shirts that you can wear while exercising, our Fioboc’s t-shirts are the best for you. You can wear them while jogging or exercising and they will stick to your form and absorb your sweat while offering optimal comfort that other t-shirts are unable to offer.


    When you purchase a Fioboc t-shirt, you receive a standard package that comes with the shirt you order and an aesthetically pleasing box. You can open the package to obtain your t-shirt and immediately wear it if you want. It is just as simple as that.

    Take your comfort to another level with Our Men's Anti-Oil Stain Proof Waterproof T-Shirts.



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