7 Tips for Picking a T-Shirt

Buy T-shirts every year?
But don't know the 7 tips for picking a t-shirt? 

Now, let's learn the following 4 ways to determine whether a T-shirt is worth buying. Then follow these 3 tricks to determine whether a T-shirt is suitable for you. 

1. Look at the edge of the fabric obliquely against the light: 
Superior fabric usually appears with less hairiness because of its mercerization. Its silky smoothness, elasticity, and vertical sense look really luxurious.  

2. Observe the fabric density via self phone close-up: 
30-stitch fabric: low cotton stitches as rough as screen window
80-stitch fabric: high cotton stitches as subtle and cozy as A4 paper

Long-staple Cotton or Ordinary Cotton
It must be long-staple cotton that can generate high stitches yarns.
It's convenient to weave finer and stronger yarns with long fibers
durable and pilling-free

3. Turn over the clothes to observe the stitching
The stitch line should be even and flat.
The fewer threads and broken threads, the better.
Try to stretch it, stitch-line with good elasticity can move with the fabric with no line-breaking, no magnified needle hole, no peasecod-like pleats resulting from shrinkage. 

As for the hem of the cuffs, double or triple stitching makes the fabric more durable.

4. Open the neckline to check its elasticity
For a neckline with threads, you don't need to be afraid the collar will be so loose that even the collarbone exposes after times of worn.
For a neckline without threads, check the back collar and ensure there is an elastic reinforced webbing to prevent the neckline to ruffled.  

5. Choose the shoulder sleeves type referred to the body 
Standard shoulder sleeves
Slippery shoulders, narrow shoulders: choose standard sleeves
Broad shoulders: choose dropped sleeves
Good figure: choose raglan sleeve

Whatever type it is, the shorter the sleeve, the more athletic.
Moderate sleeve length is more formal
The longer the sleeve, the more casual

6. Pick T-shirt color refer to skin color
Here we only talk about a white T-shirt. 
White color is categorized as bleached white, beige, and pristine white.
Bleached white with fluorescent belongs to cold color, and it looks like snow. It can even act as a reflective plate, suitable for the skin color of black and green.  
But this color is too harsh to be a luxury. 

Upmarket T-shirts are more often in beige, looking like rice. Beige color, warm color, shows kindness. 

Pristine white, looks like eggs, is natural and almost fit for all skin colors. 

7. Choose the thickness according to personal physique
For people with heavy sweating and pigment, the ideal thickness of white T-shirt is that being not transparent. Also, being not stuffy, not loose premise is the fundamental demand;
A thinner t-shirt will be more cooling. But it tends to be sloppy and transparent.
A thicker t-shirt will be stiffer. It will not be transparent, but stuffy and bulky.
If it is a dark T-shirt, then try to choose a thinner one.

Guys, how to choose a T-shirt? Did you get it? 
Come to Fioboc and choose a t-shirt suit you well. 



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