Fioboc Developes a New Business Mode

Fioboc answers with an unprecedented solution

Hot summer is approaching. What have we done every year? Important meetings, wearing full suit hot as a shell, nobody knows but you. You paid a colossal effort to make your presentation excellent. The last thing you want is anything that drags you down. Therefore, stay calm, stay flawless.


As the industrial solution provider, we give you this new edge for the ultimate best care in the business. You just perform; we take care of the rest. There are three different perspectives on Fioboc T-shirt that we would like to focus on.


Stay dry, Anti-bacterial body odder, and comfortable.

There is a combination of comfort and technical function in Fioboc T-shirt fabric. Combining the three kinds of fibers into one fabric maximizes their solid points and neutralizes their weakness.Thus the fabric with a good drape and vibrant color is highly affinitive to the skin, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial deodorant. Check the details below.

The first kind of fabric, Long-staple cotton, also known as sea-island cotton, is regarded as the finest in the world. Product of the long-staple cotton Clothes made of sea-island cotton feels remarkably soft and excellent in ventilation and sweat-absorbing. Moreover, the Clothes look colorful and shiny because of the sea-island cotton’s glossy and high dying capacity.

The second fiber is bamboo fiber, which is excellent for breathability, hydrophobicity, durability, and high dying capacity. It has been found that bamboo contains a unique anti-bacteria and bacteriostasis bio-agent named “bamboo Kun.” The bamboo fiber could eliminate some of the stinky odder by a natural bio-characteristic.

The third kind, SORONA performance fiber developed by Dupont. SORONA fabric comforts people with smoothness and good elasticity. Compared with general artificial fiber, SORONA fiber is more eco-friendly in energy-saving and carbon emissions. The sorona tech helps bring the body heat to a pleasant level for your utmost ease. Repeatable tests prove that in 34 degrees Celsius outdoor temperature, wearing FIOBOC T-shirt will instantly reduce the body surface temperature to 23.5 degrees Celsius.

We visited over 50 states in the US and obtained exact access to local wearing habits and body standards of all separates. Now we can design the most comfortable wearing experience for different figures. We have gathered the activity parameters of the human body under static and dynamic conditions and gained a standard American body portrait. Then a unique version of the t-shirt is created after the try-on and adjustments of all figures.

Besides utilizing the soft, comfortable, cooling tech in the professional sports field, top international sports leisure brands also dotted their clothes with leisure and fashion elements. We Fioboc takes it to another level. We want you to have the broadest range of enjoying your work life, regardless of style for causal wear or mannered wearing. We give possibilities for people who love sports and comfort to wear it not only in exercise time but also in working time, such as meeting and office. Allowing you have an instant switch from work to chilling.

All in all, business as usual? Fioboc would disagree. Business can be as relaxing as possible! You will know once you put on our T-shirt as an undershirt for your slick business suit! So stop wondering, grab one now!

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