Cloud Feeling Fabric—COZY™ Fabric

Fioboc sticks to the intention of creating comfortable, durable and affordable clothes and develops Cloud Feeling soft t-shirts.
The fabric applied to the clothing line is tested to be durable and skin-friendly, as soft as being surrounded by clouds.
---Fioboc Designer Team

Cloud Feeling Soft Fabric—COZY™ Fabric

Dedicated to superior soft, absorbent, and breathable, the Cloud Feeling Clothing Line adopted 100% Cotton Interlock Knit Fabric---COZY™ Fabric (presenting its cozy cloud soft).

The classic and special material hit the point and is being exquisitely knitted to provide a premium value.

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Textile Process–Interlock Knit

Interlock is a type of double knit fabric made with two layers of jersey. The wales of the fabric on each side are alternated, with the back loops knitted together.

Interlock knit fabric has the same texture on both sides because of the double knit pattern. This means that you will see the same pattern on both sides of the fabric.

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Cloud Feeling Fabric—COZY™ Fabric

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