FIOBOC Stay Cool Clothing Review: 8 Criteria for Quality Evaluation

This review is written by Nayyar from Menven , thanks for sharing the review with his professional fashion knowledge. Check the original article here.

Today I am reviewing FIOBOC Stay Cool Shirts. I have extensive experience in the textile industry. I have used these shirts for a few days and have combined first-hand user experience and my textile knowledge to drill down the different features of these shirts. 

There are many things to talk about these fantastic stay cool clothing, from smooth, silky hand feel to fine knitting, from top-notch craftsmanship to comfort and ability to keep the wearer cool during hot summer. However, I have selected eight features that are the least to consider while reviewing such products. 

Those eight features are as below.

  • Material
  • Craftsmanship
  • Fit and Comfort
  • Durability
  • Styles
  • Colors
  • Utility
  • Price / Value

1 – Breathable Material / Fabric

The fabric of the t-shirts looks luxurious and has a smooth, silky hand feel. The inner side is smoother, while the front side gives a fine-textured appearance thanks to the 50/s yarn count, superb Courses, and Wales structure. 

The fabric is so lightweight that I could fold the shirt to wallet size and put it in my pants pocket. But being light does not compromise the strength and sturdiness of the fabric. I rarely see such lightweight and stable fabric used in tee shirts. FIOBOC surely knows the trick to producing high-quality fabrics. Regarding material, FIOBOC Stay Cool Clothing range is much better than what we’ve got in the market today. Let’s see how they have achieved that balance between stability and weight.

FIOBOC’s Stay Cool Clothing range is made with PBS™ Fabric that contains a wonderful blending ratio of yarns made from PIMA Cotton + Bamboo fibers + Sorona® fiber.

The material is a tri-blend of Dupont Sorona, Bamboo, and Pima cotton. I could not verify the overall composition, but it is an excellent blend that FIOBOC has created for their stay cool clothing range. 

Fabric is knitted using a weft stitch knitting technique. This knitting style produces lightweight, breathable materials for a smooth, delicate appearance and durability against wear and tear.

The inner layer of the fabric has Sorona, Cotton is in the middle, and bamboo is on the outer side. 

Dupont™ Sorona® is an environment friendly, high-performance fiber that offers softness, flexibility, and stain resistance. It is made using plant-based ingredients (primarily corn) that are renewed annually, which makes it a sustainable choice.

FIOBOC Stay Cool Shirts

Pima fabric is crafted from a specific variety of cotton plants known as Gossypium barbadense. FIOBOC has chosen PIMA cotton, processed with liquid ammonia, due to its soft texture, wrinkle resistance, and exceptional durability.

Bamboo fiber is a type of regenerated cellulosic fiber that is created using bamboo. This fiber has unique properties, such as high breathability and a cool feel. Additionally, bamboo fiber possesses natural features like antibacterial, bacteriostatic, and deodorizing abilities.

The perfect blend of these three materials maximizes their strengths and minimizes their weaknesses. This blend plays a vital role in enhancing bamboo fiber’s breathability and coolness properties, contributing to the textile’s cooling sensation.

This combination of blended yarn and knitting technique helps to transport moisture quickly to moisture-absorbent Cotton in the middle, and the highly breathable Bamboo outer layer helps continuous evaporation of the moisture to keep you cool. Additionally, it adds a four-way stretch with excellent stretch recovery to the fabric, making it more valuable.  For me, the material of FIOBOC’s “Stay Cool Clothing” range is good for almost any summer conditions, a true winner, and shined as a star in competition.

2 – Craftsmanship of Staycool Shirts

I started using FIOBOC’s products a few months ago and genuinely became a fan of their artistry. They are now one of my favorite brands. They know the stitching stuff well, and every product I got, from baseball caps to sweatshirts or jogging pants, is a master class in stitching art. 

The Stay Cool Clothing range is no exception. Excellent choice of material is supported by top-class stitching. excellent craftsman ship of stay cool clothing by fioboc

Neat and clean twin needle locking on the shoulders and bottom hems adds style and durability and helps to avoid the fraying of hems. Secured by safety overlocked side seams, add stability to the shirts against de-shaping. Fine lightweight, single-knit ribbing on the neck won’t fray after prolonged use.

FIOBOC’s signature 3-color ribbon trim on the back of the neck and the right-side seam give these shirts a branded style. And that’s not all; a small snowflake thermal printing on the bottom of the back makes these shirts even more trendy. The thermally printed logo, size, and care instructions tag looks far better than other famous brands. It may not be a big deal for many. However, by mentioning it, I wanna iterate how FIOBOC has paid attention to small details to make something wonderful.

I thoroughly checked the shirts to find something that did not meet the standards but could not find anything to complain about. 

Thumbs up for craftsmanship.

3 – Fit and Comfort FeatureFit & Comfort of FIOBOC Stay Cool Clothing

FIOBOS’s Stay Cool Clothing range comes in classic and slim fit versions.

I wear a medium size and have got both versions. Each of them fits nicely into my body structure. Classic fit gives more room in the shoulders, around the chest, and waist. And the shoulder openings are wider. The slim fit version also fits nicely and gives a sung fitting overall. The combination of materials blend, excellent stitching, and well-thought sizing makes these shorts comfortable throughout the day.

A smooth and silky finish makes the shirt feel like silk. Superior breathability allows for cooling, and moisture-wicking keeps you dry. I used these shirts as casual wear, activewear, and sleepwear and never got any irritation. I tried to use the slim-fit version as an undershirt for the experiment, and it did not feel bulky. 

For comparison, on a relatively warm day, I wore a regular cotton t-shirt, went out, and spent some time in the sun. Then I switched it with FIOBBOC Stay Cool Shirt. After a few minutes, I was amazed to have a comfortable, cool feeling. (This is what I noticed, and I don’t claim that everyone will have the same results because conditions can play their role and change the results significantly)

I definitely recommend FIOBOC Stay Cool Shirts for fit and comfort.FIOBOC Stay Cool Shirts Durability

4 – Durability of Product

Looking at these tee shirts, even a layman can tell they are durable, but I put them to the test to see how they perform. I continuously wore these tee shirts for a few days, even in bed, to see what wear and tear they get.

I rubbed the front side of shirts against different fabrics to find their abrasion and pilling resistance. I washed them a couple of times to check the shrinkage levels, fading of colors, and de-shaping. These shirts showed no significant change in appearance after all the above processes. Though the usage time is insufficient to make a final call, I see these shirts as a durable addition to the clothing gear.

5 – Description of Styles

The Crew neck and V-neck variations, classic and slim fit options, different colors, and hemming styles on the bottom make these Stay Cool Shirts versatile to fit everyone’s needs.

The Classic fit Crew neck with a curved hem is easy to pair with any bottom. In contrast, Slim-fitting Crew necks with a curved hem and V-Neck with an elongated hem are excellent activewear choices.FIOBOC Stay Cool Clothing Styles

Not only do the FIOBOC Stay Cool Shirts will keep you comfortable and cool, but they will also look great. The shirts are also easy to care for and maintain, making them a practical addition to your wardrobe. FIOBOC should include a polo shirt in the Stay Cool range because they already have well-crafted stable fabric that can easily beat traditional pique knit or interlock fabric used to make Polos.

6 – Colors

Staycool range comes in five colors White, Black, Sage Grey, Slate Blue, Khaki, and Pacific Blue, almost covering the summer color hues for men, but still, there is room for adding more colors to make it the perfect prize for everyone.

With their unique combination of style and functionality, FIOBOC Stay Cool Shirts are a complete package for endless collocation possibilities, ensuring that you always look your best. FIOBOC Stay Cool Shirts are the epitome of Stay Cool Clothing, designed to keep you feeling comfortable and fresh no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

You can feel the comfort of this luxurious clothing while watching a game in your TV lounge. You can stand out at a party with friends, be stylish and comfortable on a leisure trip, and sweat out on the field or gym. And that’s not all; you can even feel the silky-smooth feeling throughout the day at work if your work allows wearing such shirts.  I recommend these shirts to everyone who needs something for various uses.

8 – Shop For Price / Value

The sale price tag of the Stay Cool Clothing range by FIOBOC is US$30, which is very reasonable for such a quality piece.

50/s yarn count is expensive compared to the 30/s yarn count used in regular T-shirts, and spinning a blended 50/s yarn with Sorona, Bamboo, and Pima Cotton makes it more expensive. Plus, the quality of the stitching makes these shirts durable enough to last for a prolonged time. And the versatility of the shirts means you don’t need to spend money to purchase different shirts for different needs. Additionally, you’ll get free shipping on eligible purchases.

Considering all the above points, these shirts are the best value for the money.

The Bottom Line

With global warming and increasing temperatures, Stay Cool Clothing has become an increasingly popular choice for people of all ages and backgrounds to stay cool and comfortable. Whether you’re an athlete, a fashion enthusiast, or just looking for comfortable and practical clothing, Stay Cool Clothing has something to offer everyone.

From Stay Cool Shirts to Stay Cool Shorts and everything in between, this clothing category has transformed how people dress and feel during hot and humid weather. So, enjoy comfort, style, and practicality this summer with Stay Cool Shirts by FIOBOC! Use Code: FIOBG20 to Enjoy 20% OFF


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