Our Signature Fabric-PBS™ Fabric

When no yarns met our standards of ultimate comfort and sustainability, we invented our own.

We combined the incredible properties of our renewable materials PIMA cotton+bamboo+Sorona® fiber(PBS™ Fabric, get it?) for a soft, breathable fiber. This proprietary tri-blend combines the best qualities of three staple fabrics: the all-day comfort of Sorona® fiber, the coolness of bamboo, and PIMA cotton's durability.

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Our Materials

Sorona® Fiber

Dupont™ Sorona® is an eco-efficient performance fiber with soft, flexible, and stain resistant properties, which is made in part from annually renewable plant-based ingredients(corn).


Bamboo fiber is a regenerated cellulosic fiber produced from bamboo. Besides its unusual breathability and coolness, bamboo fiber has particular and natural functions of anti-bacteria, bacteriostasis and deodorization.

PIMA Cotton

Pima fabric is made from a specific type of cotton plant called Gossypium barbadense. Fioboc adopted liquid ammonia processed PIMA Cotton for this type of cotton's soft to the touch, wrinkle-resistant, and ultra-durable.

A just the right blending ratio of these three material maximizes their strong points and neutralizes their weakness, especially strengthen bamboo fiber's breathability and coolness properties, finally attributes to the textile's cooling feeling.

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Signature Fabric-PBS™ Fabric

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