What Is Modal Fabric? A Sustainable and Luxurious Fabric Choice

What Is Modal Fabric?

What Is Modal Fabric? A Sustainable and Luxurious Fabric Choice

Modal fabric has made its mark in the fashion world. Consumers love it for its unique comfort and environmental friendliness.

So, what makes modal clothing fabric the choice of people in the fashion world today? Why is it said to be the best choice for comfort and luxury?

Follow this article to learn more about the world of modal fabrics.

What Is Modal Fabric?

Modal Fabric is a unique cellulose fiber with various remarkable features and benefits. It is made from wood pulp from European shrubs and is produced through a specialized spinning process. Like rayon, it is a cellulosic fiber and a pure man-made fiber.

What material is modal fabric?

Its raw materials, such as spruce and beech, come from nature. The closed-loop method makes it safe for the environment and ensures that the whole production process is safe for the environment.

Modal fabric is often considered a more environmentally friendly alternative to cotton because the beech tree does not require much water to grow, so the amount of water used in the production process is reduced by about 10-20.

Although the modal material is derived from plants, the production process involves soaking the fabric in chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and carbon sulfate, which is why modal is classified as a semi-synthetic material. Modal is a rayon fabric but is typically more durable than regular rayon and has a softer feel, like cotton.

What Is Modal Fabric?
Fabric name
Modal fabric
Fabric also known as
High-wet-modulus rayon, HWM rayon
Fabric composition
Cellulose from trees and synthetic ingredients
Fabric possible thread count variations
Fabric breathability
Very breathable
Moisture-wicking abilities
Heat retention abilities
Stretchability (give)
Prone to pilling/bubbling
Country where fabric was first produced
Biggest exporting/producing country today
Recommended washing temperatures
Commonly used in
Sportswear, underwear, T-shirts, bed sheets

What Are the Benefits of Modal Fabric?

Modal fabric has many benefits. It is considered a luxury textile and is often blended with other fabrics to create a high-end feel with its lightweight, soft texture. It's very popular among fashion makers who care about the environment.

Softness and luster:

● Modal clothing fabrics are soft, glossy, and colorful with a natural satin finish.

● It has better drape and luster than cotton, polyester, and rayon.

Strength & toughness:

● The dry strength of modal fabric is about the same as that of polyester (35cn/tex). When wet, they're not as strong as cotton, but they're softer and don't stretch as much.

● The fiber's dry stretch is between cotton and viscose. It's about the same as cotton but less than viscose when wet.

● Low wash shrinkage and good dimensional stability.

What Are the Benefits of Modal Fabric?
What Are the Benefits of Modal Fabric?

Moisture absorption properties:

● Modal fabrics have a 50% higher moisture absorption capacity than cotton fibers, keeping the fabric dry and breathable.

● This makes it ideal for intimate fabrics and healthcare apparel products, favoring human physiological circulation and health.

Dyeing performance:

● Modal fabrics perform better dyeing and remain as bright as new after many washes.

● Compared with cotton, it is not easy to fade or yellow.

What Are the Benefits of Modal Fabric?
What Are the Benefits of Modal Fabric?

How Do You Take Care of Modal Fabrics?

There are certain steps and safety rules to follow when handling modal clothing fabrics to ensure they stay in great shape.

 Here are some clear care recommendations:

Washing method:

  • Modal fabrics are suitable for washing, but dry cleaning is not recommended.
  • Wash and soak as you go, and do not soak for more than 15 minutes to avoid dirt in the water re-entering the garment.
  • Use neutral detergent or low alkali detergent, avoid using fabric softener, and the temperature of the laundry detergent should not exceed 35 degrees.
  • If washing in a washing machine, the clothes should be put into an underwear washing bag to minimize friction and distortion. However, it is recommended to choose hand washing to better protect the clothes.

Handling after washing:

  • When draining, fold the clothes and squeeze out the water generously to avoid excessive twisting to minimize distortion.
  • Wash again in clean, warm water and then in cold water to remove possible detergent residue and avoid yellowing light-colored clothes.

Drying and ironing:

  • Avoid exposure to the sun and choose a cool, ventilated place to dry.
  • If ironing is required, use a padded ironing cloth at a low temperature to avoid direct contact with the clothes at high temperatures.
  • Use less pushing and pulling to stretch and align the clothes naturally.

Daily care:

  • Minimize friction and pulling when wearing, and change and wash frequently to prevent deformation after long wear.
  • After washing, drying, and ironing, you should fold clothes flat and not hang them in the closet for a long time to avoid stretching deformation.
  • Modal moisture absorption is very strong; the collection should prevent mold and mildew caused by high temperature, high humidity, and unclean environment.
 modal fabric
modal fabrics


Pay attention to selecting reliable detergent, and avoid using bleach or detergents containing strong chemical ingredients to avoid causing damage to the clothing.

How to Find the Modal Fabric?

Seeing this, have you ever been interested in modal fabrics?

However, there are many fake modal clothing fabrics in the market. This poor quality is usually caused by substandard workmanship. As mentioned earlier, modal fabrics need to be soaked in a chemical solution to be made. However, some unscrupulous merchants will use substandard solutions to shorten the period.

This behavior can cause harmful substances to enter the environment through the air or contaminated water. It can not only harm the animals it comes into contact with, but it can also be devastating for people, who can suffer serious health problems ranging from liver damage to blindness and even death. That's why people need to be careful when making their choices!

So, how do you find great modal clothing fabrics?

● Check the modal fabric label: Modal is a cellulose fiber, and it is usually identified on fabric labels as "cellulose" or "modal."

● Identify fabric characteristics: Modal clothing fabric has soft, smooth, and colorful characteristics, and the fabric feels especially soft, glossy, and bright.

● Check the fiber content: Modal fabrics can be used alone or blended with other fibers. However, if they are pure modal fabrics, the fiber content should usually be labeled as 90% or more.

● Observe the quality of the modal fabric: The quality of modal directly affect the wearing experience and durability of clothing. Observe whether the fabric's surface is smooth, flat, and free from defects or holes.

● Refer to the price factor: Generally, modal fabrics with good quality and high fiber content are relatively expensive.

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Here you can buy clothes of exceptional quality and comfortable fit. We select premium modal fabrics and pay attention to every detail to ensure that every product meets the highest quality standards. Modal fabric is soft, comfortable, breathable, and moisture-wicking, providing an unparalleled wearing experience. Whether for casual or formal occasions, our modal clothing fabrics make it easy for you to show off your confidence and elegance.

Does modal fabric shrink?

Modal fabrics do not normally shrink, and their resistance to shrinkage is relatively good. Following the manufacturer's care guidelines will help reduce the risk of shrinkage. For example, the manufacturer suggests washing in cold water and drying at low temperatures.

Is modal fabric breathable?


Modal fabrics have good breathability and are suitable for products that require it, such as intimate apparel.

High-Quality Modal Fabrics Are Waiting for You!

Modal fabric has become a major player in the textile field due to its unique fiber properties and excellent performance. Its soft, comfortable, breathable, and moisture-wicking properties make modal ideal for making intimate apparel, bedding, and home furnishings.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and take action! You'll love it!

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