About Fioboc

 Fioboc, An apparel tech company, designed to make innovative, high-performance apparel that redefines the way you dress for travel, work and play. By focusing on technology, circumventing traditional channels, and engaging directly with customers, we are able to build versatile, high-quality, stylish and sustainable garments that allow you to have less and experience more. 

How It All Start?

In 2019, Marcel and Ambrosino found struggling to find the perfect t-shirt that could be worn in a variety of places. From trails and parks to gyms and offices, they traveled around the world in search of what was missing: functional, flexible, and fashionable clothing that can be worn all day every day.

No matter where we looked nothing fit the bill, so we creating something new, a T-shirt you could be proud to wear anytime, anywhere, without sacrificing comfort.

How We Do It?

Before our T-shirts hit the market, we visited large amounts of clothing industries and brands in the world and spent years developing our custom yarns and fabrics, the fabric is durable and does not deform. We experiment with fitted versions and learned the details of construction.

Besides, Fioboc combines technology with fashion beauty, pushes the boundaries of what is possible for each piece of clothing, in turn pushing the boundaries of what we can expect from our apparel.

About Graphene

Graphene-enhanced fabric is very effective at keeping you warm or cool in any climate. It does not absorb moisture, but dries quickly. It is antimicrobial, requires no ironing, and feels as soft and comfortable as a cloud.

The new line of graphene-filled apparel is designed to inspire an active lifestyle while staying warm and comfortable.

About Staingo

Go Light, Wash Less, and Wear Everywhere. Whether it's coffee, wine, or your favorite sports drink. No staining residue on your clothes, you can wear them for many days without washing them.

Almost every piece of clothing can be used for multiple occasions (hanging out with friends, hiking, business casual, etc.) and replaces at least three clothes in your closet.

We Won't Stop

Our commitment as a brand is to keep learning, exploring, and innovating, ensuring that the highest level of sustainability is maintained and that no damage is done to the environment.

At Fioboc, we are our own customers. Our promise is to keep you current with our styles, confident with the quality and ready for action with our versatility. We’re here for you and we’re here to revolutionize the way you shop. We have a fashion design team that is in line with the world trend, please look forward to the future products of FIOBOC.