What Fioboc Staingo is?

Spilling red wine on a white shirt usually means that the garment is a write-off and it’s time to buy a replacement. 
And, as many people can surely attest, there's little worse than spilling coffee, beer, or ketchup on a brand new one. 

Tomato Sauce Are a Thing of the Past with This Wine-Repellent Shirt
Have you ever imagined a garment that can repel water or stains? 
The future garment must be the Fioboc Staingo series. This article tells what it is and how it works. 

What it is:

Fioboc Staingo is a series of Fioboc tech garments of future sense, which can well resist sudden raindrops, and daily stains such as spilled coffee, soy sauce, tomato sauce, etc.

Regarding this, an unbreathable raincoat must jump into your mind. You'd better go cause the item is a total innovator beyond recognition. The Fioboc Staingo series includes classic t-shirts, shirts, and hoodies with the function of waterproof and stain-resistant. Fioboc will keep innovating and developing more styles according to customers’ needs. 


Breathable and comfortable

The Fioboc Staingo series is produced with NO cost of breathability and comfort. Usually, clothing suitable for outdoor sports can protect against wind, snow, and rain. Limited to their profession, they achieve outdoor protection at the expense of breathability and comfort. 

Perfect for work, dating, travel, exercise, and lounging.

However, Fioboc thinks that all clothes should be based on comfort. So here is a series of breathable clothes with Waterproof Stains Resistant features, which is perfect for work, dating, travel, exercise, and lounging.

We can definitely wear a raincoat or professional waterproof cloth to realize the same function. But the point is, they are only for special occasions, such as rainy days, paddleboarding, sailing, boating, surfing. Will you wear a raincoat to a restaurant? Won’t the doorman stop you and tell only dapper permitted access? 

Fioboc Staingo Men's Anti-Oil Stain Proof Waterproof T-shirt

How it works:


Imagine that you are wearing a lotus leaf but in white, then you can get it! 
Not a lotus car, but a lotus leaf. On rainy days, raindrops are usually held at the center of the lotus leaf instead of penetrating. If someone can do a favor by gently shaking his leaves, he won’t suffer. The same thing goes with the Fioboc Staingo garment. Whenever stains or water are spilled on a Fioboc Staingo garment, it can be quickly cleaned by shaking them out without leaving a spot.


Thanks to Fioboc hydrophobic stain-resistant technology, it adopts the lotus leaf bionic principle, featuring the fabric with waterproofness, stain resistance, and oil resistance and making it easy to clean. This sustainable and eco-friendly Technology makes people wearing it feels breathable and never do harm to the environment and human beings. 
Based on the bionic principle "lotus effect", nano-raw materials are incorporated into the fabric fiber through Nano-interface super double dredging technology, thus formulating a layer of silica particles on the weave surface to form an isolation layer to simulate the microscopic nano-scale bulge of the lotus leaf surface.
In this way, When common liquid molecules come into contact with clothing, like water beads on lotus leaves, they naturally slip off in a 150 ° direction with the cloth. Even if they accidentally have liquid spilled on the clothing, shaking gently or rinsing, it is still like a new one.

lotus effect

Still confused? 

Everytime when people come across some confusing terms, the clever brain will automatically process them to scam. 
Well, I must say I spent about a week trying to figure the technical item out until I wore the t-shirt myself. If things are too complicated, leave it alone? Absolutely no, just try it! 

A stain can ruin a day. But not for this Fioboc Staingo garment. 
I can match the classic white t-shirt with my every color jeans and jackets. 
I can have a meeting in the afternoon, catch up with friends for dinner or grab a glass of wine on a night out without worrying about spilling something.

Perfect for work, dating, travel, exercise, and lounging

Why should you have to wear dark clothes or avoid spaghetti before a meeting or on a date? Wear whatever you want, just make sure it's the Fioboc Staingo series. Use code: blog15 to save $$$



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