Fioboc Redefines New Lifestyle

There should be a question raised by anyone who truly cares about customer feedback. Even more precisely, the brand has to consider the initial business plan before launching the brand. We are Fioboc.The brand designs for you and builds for you!

Two core value points came first to our minds before we decided to do anything related to commercializing the products. They are listed below:

People only need value-adding things for their purchases!

People only care about long-term beneficial things in their life!

With these two core value points, Fioboc started the journey of offering the best of the best in the current market and aiming for the future.

  • It is less dependent on petroleum resources because 37% of raw materials are from natural renewable resources rather than petrochemical raw materials.
  • Compared with the same output of petrochemical-based nylon polymers, Sorona polymers consume 30% less energy during the process.
  • Compared with the same output of petrochemical-based nylon polymers, Soronapolymers emit 63% less carbon dioxide (one of the greenhouse gases) during the process.

We have included these in our product for the best value-added things.

The most advanced technology is applied to our product line for the worth price value.


People may ask what is the best strategy when we think of sustainability?

The best strategy is you only need what you need and do not pay for the unnecessary.

We, as the brand, would love to be part of the new movement that helps the plant be a better place by minimizing human-caused carbon emissions. And that is what we choose to be our long-term benefits, not a greedy selling machine!

The essential philosophy that we believe is that you only need very few good things to be with you most of the time. We want to make a T-shirt that lasts forever after many washes. Thus, you don't need to buy an infinite number of bad ones to make your life function.

There is no such thing as a 100% sustainable fabric, but some are better than others. A couple of the significant factors determine when and how sustainable labeling materials are—the number of resources used to produce the material and the product's life cycle analysis. So we partnered with many material researchers to discover alternative solutions for making the cloth industry more responsible with better raw materials. The Eco-friendly approach is always positioned at the top of the hierarchy.

We believe a successful formula that is Applying high tech plus a responsible strategy equals greater value for our whole business plan. Fioboc will proof the market and customers with a new way of environmentally friendly products.


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