Fioboc Men's Simple Line pattern T-shirt

Fioboc Men's Simple Line pattern T-shirt

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Product Features

Machine Washable

Wrinkle Resistant

Moistture Wicking

Skin Friendly

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Moisture Wicking T-shirt

Blended with 34% bamboo fiber, 34% long-staple cotton fiber, 32%Sorona fiber. There are considerable amounts of voids among the natural fiber structure makes it superior in terms of hygroscopic properties. While Polyester fiber's high crystalline molecular chain structure makes it poor in moisture-absorbing properties and moisture permeability, this precisely makes it has a rather excellent fast drying ability.

High Quality Fabric

Fioboc uses long-staple cotton with more than 2000 hours of sunlight and a growth cycle of more than 200 days. Compared with ordinary cotton, high-count yarn long-staple cotton has a longer fiber length, is more elastic, more durable, softer and does not fade.

Excellent Craftsmanship

Compared with the chemical hair removal treatment that is harmful to the skin, the fabric is treated with physical sanding, which makes the fabric feel softer, more comfortable to wear, and more skin-friendly. The craftsmanship of the logo is inspired by the characteristics of luminous deep-sea organisms and the principle of their color-changing with light, we have applied these technologies to our apparel. Twin-needled locking on the shoulder can avoid deformation. 3-stitches craftwork in cuffs, make it firm and never lose its shape or shrink in the wash.

Versatile Utilities

Shop simple line pattern T-shirts from talented designers at Fioboc. Fioboc T-shirts are designed for versatile occasions and all kinds of collocations, making you always on your way!


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