FIOBOC Staingo Stain Proof T-shirt Review

Fioboc clothing proves you don’t have to compromise on sustainability or style with their curation of sustainable and ethical clothing.

Fioboc, an apparel tech company as well as eco friendly, designed to make innovative, high-performance apparel that redefines the way you dress for travel, work and play. By focusing on technology, circumventing traditional channels, and engaging directly with customers, Fioboc fabrics are made from bamboo fiber, long-staple cotton fiber, and Sorona fiber.

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WILMINGTON, United States — Adopting more sustainable practices is increasingly backed by consumer sentiment. Fifteen percent of US and European consumers expect to buy more ecologically and socially sustainable clothing, according to BoF and McKinsey's State of Fashion Covid-19 Update.


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Sorona is an eco-efficient performance fibre and brand of DuPont, a more than 200-year old global leader in technology-based materials. The Sorona fibre turns a formerly chemical process into a biological one, using 30 percent less energy and releasing 63 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than Nylon 6. Sorona is also a member of the Textile Exchange, The Sustainable Apparel Coalition and the Ellen McArthur Foundation.

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Renee Henze, Global Marketing Director of DuPont Biomaterials | Source: Courtesy Renee Henze, Global Marketing Director of DuPont Biomaterials | Source: Courtesy

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This Fioboc clothing review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products to help you decide if their products are worth buying.

Marcel and Ambrosino found struggling to find the perfect t-shirt that could be worn in a variety of places. From trails and parks to gyms and offices, they traveled around the world in search of what was missing: functional, flexible, and fashionable clothing that can be worn all day every day.

Before Fioboc T-shirts hit the market, Marcel and Ambrosino visited large amounts of clothing industries and brands in the world and spent years developing the custom yarns and fabrics, the fabric is durable and does not deform. 

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The mission of Fioboc is to transform the way people outfit the world by inspiring the industry to reimagine design and embrace circularity. This Fioboc clothing review will now take a look at the cooling t shirt and Staingo Stain Proof T-shirt of the collection.

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Fioboc Cooling T shirt Review

When tailgating season kicks off the temperatures are pretty hot and humid in many parts of the country. It is essential to stay cool so you can not only enjoy the day of tailgating, but also fend off heat exhaustion.


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Fioboc developed a new fiber stratified textile technology after repeated experiments of putting the fast drainage Sorona fiber in the fabric's inner layer and moisture-absorbent cotton fiber in the middle layer. The cotton fiber exports moisture. Then bamboo fiber on the surface continuously absorbs and evaporates water to achieve a quick-drying effect.

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Fioboc fabrics are both absorbent and fast-drying. Blended with bamboo fiber, long-staple cotton fiber, Sorona fiber. There are considerable amounts of voids among the natural fiber structure makes it superior in terms of hygroscopic properties. While Polyester fiber's high crystalline molecular chain structure makes it poor in moisture-absorbing properties and moisture permeability, this precisely makes it has a rather excellent fast drying ability.

The shirt feels great, looks great and keeps you cooler, but for those wondering it won’t make you totally stop sweating. If you’re a hot natured person, like me, this shirt will help.

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FIOBOC Staingo Stain Proof T-shirt Review

Fioboc' t-shirt falls somewhere in the middle of the road. It's not gonna keep you dry in a downpour, but it will deflect water if someone throws a cup of it at you.

I knew the shirt will resist water, but how would it handle sweat? How well does the fabric treatment hold up after a wash? Is the material comfortable? And most importantly for me: Would it smell less than a regular shirt if I wore it for more than one day?

Fioboc based on the bionic principle "lotus effect", nano-raw materials are incorporated into the fabric fiber through Nano-interface super double dredging technology, thus formulating a layer of silica particles on the weave surface to form an isolation layer to simulate the microscopic nano-scale bulge of the lotus leaf surface. When common liquid molecules come into contact with clothing, like water beads on lotus leaves, they naturally slip off in a 165 °direction with the cloth. The t shirt is $39.2 now with 20% off coupon code blog20.

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Fioboc Clothing Reviews: What Do People Think?

While there’s no denying that the market is awash with t-shirts of all colours, sizes and fits, there still wasn’t one that would look as well placed at the gym or on long, hot summer evenings as it would at work or while away on business. And there certainly wasn’t one that was technologically advanced enough to withstand all of life’s little challenges, or that ticked all the right boxes when it came to performance and sustainability, either. By

Blending Sorona with Bamboo fibers and long-staple cotton makes this shirt a super soft, durable and light tech tee. They can be used for running, wear them in the gym, or just as your all-day t-shirt, especially when you live in a hot climate. By zerowasteman.

Still, the shirts feel well made and I love that they are more ecofriendly and sustainable than most clothing options out there. I like what this brand is doing and I think they’ve made a solid product. By emilyreviews.

This fashion T-shirt is trending for many reasons.  The FIOBOIC cooling T-shirt is one of the incredibly soft fashions and ensures that you are kept cool regardless of the temperature. It is a men's sustainable clothing brand that aims at creating a sustainable yet stylish brand. It is worth checking out. The way it is wrapped gives clients an incredible impression as it comes in a nice-looking box that speaks volumes as the tech redefined fashion. By cherrypicksreviews.

Fioboc Staingo Stain Proof T-Shirt Worth Your Money?

My friends and I love to wear T-shirts, but they have all kinds of problems:"Not really as breathable", "After a couple of washes, the shirt got a hole", ""It repellents water from BOTH side. The sweat had no where to go", "The neckline getting out of shape", and etc. However, Fioboc team perfectly solve these problems. This Fioboc clothing review will now take a look at the pros and cons of the brand.

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Anything you used to worry about ruining your clothes runs right off fabric.


Machine Washable

Wrinkle Resistant

Moistture Wicking

Qucik Drying

Skin Friendly

Versatile Utilities

Breathable and High Quality

Eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethical practices

Luminous Logo

Excellent Craftsmanship


Not too many colors to choose from

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When was Fioboc founded?

Fioboc was founded in 2019 by Marcel and Ambrosino

What are Fioboc clothes made?

The Fioboc fiber is composed of 34% bamboo fiber, 32% Sorona fiber and 34% long-staple cotton.

What sizes does Fioboc have?

Fioboc only sell men's clothing, and Men’s clothing comes in M-XXXL.

What is Fioboc’s Shipping Time? 


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What is Fioboc’s Contact Information

Fioboc Customer E-mail:

Fioboc PR E-mail:

Fioboc Head Office: FLAT/RM A 12/F Z] 300,300 LOCKHART ROAD,WAN CHAI HONGKONG (Not a return address)

Fioboc Office Number:+852 8192 6829

How do I wash my cotton T-shirt?

Wash your cotton T-shirt by hand or use your washing machine’s delicate cycle with cold water.

Allow your cotton tees to dry flat in a cool and dry place.

Avoid putting any clothing made from natural fiber in the dryer.

Able to dry-clean. Ironing at a medium or low temperature.

Do not tumble dry.

Never use chlorine bleach.

Wash it separately from other colors.

What is Fioboc’s Return Policy?

Online purchases (Final sale items and gifts excluded) made through FIOBOC are valid for return within 30 days from the date you've received all your item(s).

Items must be unused, undamaged, and come with all original tags and their original packaging. If not, the customer is responsible for all incurred fees, and no refund will be issued.

Please contact us first before you request a return. We will be in touch with instructions for return after we receive your return request and solve your issue as soon as possible. Any return without our authorization is non-refunded.

Note: Fioboc bear the cost of the first return, and there may be a risk for the buyer to bear the return fee if the buyer needs to return a second or more times.


The Fioboc T-Shirt is $49 now, if you’re looking for a brand that will most likely fit flawlessly while maintaining a clean design aesthetic and high quality standard, Fioboc is worth the investment. Don't forget to save 20% with the promo code: blog20.


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