Fioboc Reveals The Deep Secret Of Ice Cool T-Shirt Featured with Sorona

There are many ways to pinpoint a feeling of an ice-cool cloth that touches your skin. Like climate cool? However, maybe it is more important to understand what you need for that irresistible hot summer day. We always like the concept of staying cool and fresh on hot summer days. Could that be possible? Fioboc as an ultimate solution provider will take a step further for your summer wearing problems.

All questions related to what to choose for the T-shirt in the summertime, will lead to a detailed analysis of your daily routine. Professional perspectives are fully concerned with experts internally from Fioboc and external researchers who looked inch by inch at technology, raw materials, craftsmanship, stylish design, utility, and Eco-friendly ideology.


Trying to Imagine a type of fabric that dramatically decreases the apparent temperature regardless of the atmospheric temperature. It makes you feel flattering and comfortable, especially when you need to play long outdoor sports, not blocking your movement. You can have the well-made T-shirt and get through all your workouts with ease by putting on a dry, stain-free Ice Tech T-shirt.

That is SORONA which is made with the high-tech concept, ensuring its high-quality fabric with elasticity, shrinking resistance, and stain release.

You can browse all the technologies in the cooling t-shirts here.

Raw material

The touch you get from cloth to your skin, flourishingly determined by superior raw material blended with high-quality fabric achieved unparalleled softness and comfort. Meanwhile, It is also proven by a high durability test. No matter what you wear it for, it lasts forever. 


Exquisite craftsmanship is not only a step of the process, a technique, or an effort people put into production. It is also the attitude that makes a product for the beauty of art. Here are some key elements that consist of sky-high industrial standards for true craftsmanship:

  • Adopt necklines with twin-needled stitch
  • Feature twin-needle locking design on shoulder
  • Have triple-stitched craft-work in the cuffs and foot cuffs
  • Apply streastic ribbon embossed design with quantities of weaves on the back collar
  • Utilize beam fixed in the beginning and end of 3-pins in the cuffs and foot cuffs
  • Use an Over-stitch machine line with a density of more than 15 stitches inside the T-shirt

These standards are more than what the industry could offer. Even the luxury brands are not even considering for their clothing production. However, it is only a matter of how far you would like to go with your core value to the customers.

Stylish design


Fashion is like the trendy wind. Sometimes it blows from one direction to another. People put their interests in color, format, and so on. However, there is an unfolded true belief that classic appreciation never dies. Being simple is the hardest one to beat but the most to admire! Often, people are only satisfied with the simplest thing to fulfill their needs.


Why do you need thousands of options for your activities, when you have a universal one to be suited for almost anytime and anywhere? It seems impossible to dream that one thing could fit all fantasy, right? However, is it really that hard? Working, chilling and doing sport are playing very big roles in people's lives, a suitable cloth could be a key part to make them all accessible for more and more people who need a quick shift in everyday life.

Eco-friendly Ideology


2022, still thinking of making a big mess without cleaning up? The answer is absolute No! We need a product that comes from nature and leaves the minimum or no damage to the environment. An Eco-product line is every responsible consumer's best option to put green wishes into action.

This article is aiming to give a straightforward vision of what we need on a hot summer day and beyond We believe that it is not a thing that people wish for, it is what people really deserve to be able to enjoy. 



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